A family affair

OASIS struggled to hold it together with two brothers in the band, so you can imagine the tension in Perch Creek, which has four siblings.

Bassist James Chandler is the only non-family member in the five-piece outfit, but is doing his best to be part of the clan by dating keyboard player Camilla Hodgkins.

She says she’s “comfortable” being in a band with three siblings and her boyfriend, but admits it can be intense.

She recalls growing up on a property in NSW that had a creek running through it, providing the inspiration for the band’s name.

As the eldest of eight kids, Hodgkins remembers the “labyrinth of caravans connected to a gorgeous random old school house in the bush. Pretty idyllic I s’pose.

“It was a classic hippie family with parents who decided to keep having kid after kid.”

The energetic folk band are about to embark on a national tour, promoting their new eponymous album.

• Perch Creek’s new modern look. Photos supplied

Chandler says the new record took two years to make and signals a change in musical direction.

“After our last album we felt that our folk, roots, jug-band phase had come to a natural conclusion so when it came to writing this album we just jammed and let the music come naturally,” he says.

The video for their new single Gold Shop, produced by J. Walker, is like a corny 70s action flick, featuring girls in bikinis, police chase scenes, court trials and dancing.

Hodgkins says that with three lead singers, a bunch of instruments and a collaborative songwriting process, their sound is a musical mongrel.

She describes Perch Creek as a cross between Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills, Nash and Young, and The Beatles.

“Dream sound-alike bands,” she notes.

“We have songs that are really different and cover a lot of genres … It’s fun to play varied music live.”

Perch Creek will play the Fly By Night in Fremantle on May 31.


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