Bonzer brekkie

THE great coffee wasn’t the only thing giving Kylie and I a buzz during our early morning stop at Port City Roasters.

The impressive service at the busy South Fremantle eatery kept us humming all day as we told coworkers, friends and family about the good manners and attentiveness of the young waitress who looked after us.

Without asking, our ham and cheese croissant ($8) and melon crush ($9) were split in two and served to our kids separately, saving us the hassle of doing it ourselves.

Fried shallots

Our morning was off to a great start and it only got better from there.

Everything on the menu at Port City Roasters may sound familiar, but from what we saw coming out of the kitchen each dish has its own unique and creative touch.

I was highly tempted to order the crab omelette ($23), but eventually went for the Eggs Benny Chan with salmon ($30).

It’s a textural assortment of fresh ingredients including half an avocado, a leafy herb salad, chilli, fried shallots, fluffy roti bread with salmon, and panko-crumbed poached eggs.

A clever sriracha hollandaise sauce brought it all together.

With the gentlest nudge of my fork, the crunchy poached egg burst, jettisoning yolk across my plate and onto my coffee cup.

Deliciously dramatic!

Wanting to get as much in my mouth as possible, I went all Homer Simpson and folded everything into one of my rotis and ate it like a taco.

It worked a treat with bursts of flavour and crunch hitting all the right notes.

I’ll remember this dish for a long time and it’s well worth the exorbitant price tag.

Kylie said her massive plate of tres leches French toast ($20) was “as pretty as a picture”.

Sweet and zesty, the soft and delicate tres leches were gently fried in their eggy coating and topped with toasted coconut, sticky mandarin gel and ginger milk crumb.

The plate is loaded with colourful and vibrant seasonal fruit including half a passionfruit, strawberry quarters and juicy, plump blueberries.

It must have been good because I noticed Kylie swatting away two fruit-obsessed kids for most of her meal.

Listed on the lunch menu, but available all day, is the fried chicken waffle ($24).

If I wasn’t so full I would have given it a crack, but it’s on my hit list for the next time.


Port City Roasters
312 South Terrace, South Fremantle
9336 5475

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