Buzzing eatery

ONE fish, two fish, red fish, green fish.

Dr Seuss didn’t mention green fish, but he would have if he’d drooled over a shakshuka at Kazoomies.

The dish was redolent of a colourful Seuss artwork, with chunks of barramundi punctuating a pile of emerald green spinach, marinated eggplant and feta in a sea of turmeric-yellow butter.

D’Angerous Dave was a bit circumspect about the moist buttery dish, but with a swirl of a fork the flavours mingled in perfect harmony.

“I underestimated how good it was going to be,” he said after his first tentative slurp.

Pretty soon he was wiping the frying pan it was served in with soft pita bread and bellowing for more.

I was equally quick in demolishing the red version I’d ordered ($26).

The barramundi in my shakshuka was slow cooked in a tomato sauce with chunky red capsicum, and had a smattering of olives and feta.

The dish was rich and hearty with just the right amount of jalapenos to ensure a pleasant bite.

Intrigued by the “spike of waffles” on the menu ($9), we ordered one.

A stainless-steel skewer was driven through waffle-shaped slices of potato: the holes and curves absorbing the oil for extra crunch.

Bad for one’s arteries—but what a way to go.

Sharing our bench table overlooking Fremantle port was an American woman tucking into a spike of falafel balls, drizzled with red and green yoghurt sauces ($17).

“These are awesome,” she announced in a thick southern drawl.

The D’Angers finished a great meal with a couple of Turkish delight brownies ($2.50), and Dave had a Mexican hot chocolate ($4) with chilli and cinnamon.

“You can really taste the chilli,” he said, sipping the creamy beverage.

The brownies were pure-chewy decadence.

Nimrod Kazoom, the owner/chef of Kazoomies, fuses the richness of North African cuisine with the rustic charm of Spain to create something truly unique.

Red fish, green fish—they all tasted most delish.


E-Shed Markets, Fremantle

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