Doc defib

FREMANTLE mayor Brad Pettitt says he’d support part-funding the Freo Street Doctor if it helped keep the service alive.

Last week Black Swan Health revealed WA government funding for running the doctor was being pulled, despite a Murdoch study showing it was bucking the national trend and helping many Aboriginal patients.

“While it hasn’t been discussed at Fremantle council level yet, I would be happy to advocate that the City of Fremantle co-fund parts of the service along with other local governments and the state government if this is the only way to see the service continued at its current level,” Dr Pettitt told the Herald on Thursday.

“It is vitally important that the state government do not just walk away from at least co-funding this important health service.

“To do so would be just a disappointing example of cost-shifting to local government in a sector that is their primary responsibility.”

Dr Pettitt said that the council had previously helped support the service in a time of need.

“The Street Doctor service has helped many people who may not have access to mainstream medical services and the city will continue to support and advocate for it.”


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