Off jack

MELVILLE Bowling Club has withdrawn support for a sports hub on Tompkins Park, throwing a spanner in the works for Melville council.

At a special meeting on Saturday morning called by about 40 members, the club narrowly voted 36-31 to tell the council it would no longer co-operate in the proposal until after an inquiry by the local government department, and a supreme court challenge to a wave park lease on the site, have been completed.

Under the council’s proposal MBC would have shared clubrooms with the Mt Pleasant bowls club along with cricket, rugby and football clubs on Tompkins Park.

The move had been supported by the club’s president Gary McCormack and confirmed by a vote of members in October 2016, but Mr McCormack recently resigned and his deputy Joe Marciano is vehemently opposed to the plan.

Club social member and former East Fremantle mayor Tim Smith says the change of mood came because members felt that vague assurances given to members by CEO Shayne Silcox when the merger was first proposed were being watered down.

“We want our own function room, but now they’re only saying ‘that’s a possibility’,” Mr Smith told the Herald.

“We wanted our own bar and TAB for income, because it’s incredibly important to have an income stream,  but now we’re having more of a corporate structure.”


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