Pointed protest

RESIDENTS in Burns Street, North Fremantle are up in arms about a proposed tattoo collective setting up on their doorstep.

About 20 residents are planning a protest and have launched a petition urging Fremantle council to knock back the parlour, which would be known as Golden Panther.

“The proposed Golden Panther studio opposite the heritage-listed Weeties factory is entirely out of keeping with the predominantly residential nature of this section of Burns Street, which has a large amount of residents with young families,” says John Hartman.

Mr Hartman says locals fear that despite the best endeavours of the artists involved, bikies would inevitably become linked to the business, even if it’s being paid for protection.

He says there are also a number of other safety issues along the street, which doesn’t have great security, while finding a parking bay is always a challenge.

In his submission to the council, Golden Panther owner Daniel Formentin says he wants to shed the tattoo parlour stereotype.

“We strive to put behind us the reputation of tattoo shops being anti-social and shady, priding ourselves on being professional and approachable, everyday creatives that Fremantle has always been a hub for.”

Mr Formentin says he hopes to be able to host international tattoo artists, and says locals shouldn’t fear rowdiness, as the tattooists need quiet to do their work. Locals have until May 10 to comment on the proposal.


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