Arthritis in Cats and Dogs

Our pets are living longer, just like us. As a result, they can experience problems with diseases associated with old age such as dementia and arthritis. Did you know that over 65% of dogs over the age of 6 show signs of arthritis?

Some symptoms of arthritis could be pain, mobility difficulties, reluctance to go for a walk and exercise. Some pets may stop eating, become lethargic or aggressive. Joints may make a grating noise, become swollen or the range of motions can be reduced.

Medications will help manage pain and inflammation, whilst light exercise will help to maintain the normal range of joint movement and improve the lubrication of joints. Foods and supplements that contain ingredients such as green lipped mussel and fish oils, for example 5 DOGS and Rickety Joints, help to reduce joint inflammation and are available at any Sage Vets clinic.

If you think your dog may be suffering from arthritis, a consultation with your vet will determine the appropriate treatment plan and exercise regime.

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