Baugruppen axed

FREMANTLE council has axed its first foray into the Baugruppen housing model, angering participants.

The council launched the project in 2016 by calling for Expressions of Interest from groups interested in developing its property at 7 Quarry Street. The Baugruppen model by-passes the developer and allows owners to control the design and construction.

Four groups succeeded in moving through to the next round, but after raising some concerns about the council’s demands for the project, they were told in March this year the project has been cancelled.

One of the candidates, a co-operative housing group known as Green Fabric, say they were “bewildered” by the council’s decision to cancel the Quarry Street project.

“This decision, and most importantly the handling of both the expression of interest and tender process by the City of Fremantle has left us bewildered; the city has much to answer for,” members were told in an email on April 25.

Sticking point

Green Fabric later posted on its website that the sticking point was an insistence by the council that an unconditional contract of sale be signed as part of the tender process.

“The committee raised serious and valid concerns about this proposed contract with the city,” the posting read, adding they’d offered some suggested changes.

“Instead, without seeking any further clarification from tenderers, the City of Fremantle decided to pull the project.

“We found the city’s lack of communication highly unusual, as it is common during a tender process to seek further clarification from tenderers.

“We firmly believe the city could have handled the process differently, but chose not to.”

Green Fabric complained that despite repeated requests they’ve not been able to get any feedback on how their proposal measured up against the selection criteria.

The council says the future of the project is still to be determined and a report is being prepared for council’s consideration.

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