Fight for survival

SOLARIS Cancer Care is in survival mode and needs $200,000 to keep going.

Every year the charity helps around 8,000 WA cancer patients and their families cope with the physical and emotional trauma experienced during diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

It’s the only service of its kind in WA and provides services like massage, reflexology and yoga, and post-treatment counselling with support groups and workshops.

White Gum Valley resident Lencie Wenden (pictured) – a former Herald journalist – was diagnosed with breast cancer four and a half years ago.

Photo supplied

She describes Solaris as a “healing community” and a vital companion to the “sausage factory” health system.

“At the end of the active treatment phase you just fall off the end of the conveyer belt, but you’re expected to pick up the pieces and get on with your life,” Wenden says.

“We tend to assume that once treatment is over, the worst is behind you…but many of us don’t experience it that way; many of us are left with a lot of ongoing damage.”

“Solaris understand that we might look relatively well on the surface, but we might still be struggling financially, spiritually, vocationally and with relationships.”

Solaris, which receives no government funding and relies on donations, has started a fundraising campaign, May we Survive and Thrive, to raise $100,000.

Donations can be made at


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