A DOCUMENTARY that claims to expose cruel practices in the kangaroo meat industry will be shown at Luna on SX in Fremantle on Monday night (May 28).

Kangaroo A Love-Hate Story was co-directed by Mick McIntyre who says he was “shocked” by what they unearthed in the four years making the film.

“Basically the government and the kangaroo industry have gotten away with what’s going on.”

“As an Australian I’m pretty ashamed that there hasn’t been more discussion on behalf of the kangaroo.

“There’s a lot of discussion from a farming perceptive: how they’re pests and we should get rid of them. But there’s hardly any discussion about celebrating this icon and making sure it’s not treated cruelly.

“It currently is and that’s what we prove in this film.”

In response to the documentary, the Kangaroo Industries Association Australia issued a “myth debunker” stating that kangaroo populations must be controlled otherwise many more will die of starvation in times of drought.

The association disputes a number of claims made in the film and say kangaroo populations have not been impacted by more than 60 years of commercial harvesting.

Kangaroo populations in commercial harvest zones are estimated to be about 50 million.

Last month Lidl stopped selling Kangaroo meat in the UK, following “customer feedback”.

Their move comes in the wake of other UK supermarkets ditching kanga meat, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Iceland.


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