Live music galore

A capella choir Men of the West, part of the rich lineup for the Fremantle Heritage Festival. Photo supplied

DOMINIC Perissinotto’s solo performance in the Pipe Organ Plus series will be crammed with classics.

Part of the Fremantle Heritage Festival, he’ll be playing a retrospective of works by famous composers, including Handel, Bach and Mozart.

The Palmyra local will also tackle Charles Ives’s Variations on America “which is wickedly fun…showing the extremes of the organ, from the gentlest of sounds to the blazing pedal writing for the feet”.

The Bach piece is equally famous: “It is considered the epitome of scary music and is often associated as the dramatic silent movie sound track and is easily recognizable,” Perissinotto says.

He’ll be playing at St Patrick’s Basilica, on the corner of Parry and Adelaide Streets, on Monday June 4 at 2.30pm.

From Friday May 25 to June 4, Fremantle will be awash with all things heritage, including hands-on-art exhibitions and a diverse range of live music.

Keeping with the classic theme, cellist Anthony Albrecht has taken Bach to the Bush in a whistle-stop tour of the south west.

A recent graduate of the prestigious Juilliard School in New York, he’s performing at St John’s Church on May 30 at 7pm.

Rockabily too

The Jook Joint Band will have feet tapping with their blues, skiffle, ragtime and rockabilly sounds. It’s the soundtrack of a bygone era when money was tight and objects close to hand were used as instruments, including washboards, kazoos and of course jugs.

The band will be performing at the National Hotel on May 26, 5.30 to 8.30pm.

The Dorkestra is a group of enthusiastic instrumentalists striving to play serious music with increasing accuracy.

You can see how they’ve improved in an afternoon of favourites and obscure music at the Fremantle Town Hall on May 26, 3.30pm.

Humour and fun

A cappella choir Men of the West mix humour with poignancy, along with some theatrics and strong harmonies.

Their repertoire is filled with Ancient Georgian folksongs, Stephen Taberner originals and left-field arrangements of classics. They’ll perform at the Old Customs House on Phillimore Street on May 27, 6.30pm.

There’s a heap of fascinating things to do and see during Heritage Festival week. Go to for more.


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