Waves of sound

THE surf-lovin’ Sons of the East are getting ready to ride a wave of adulation at Mojo’s in North Fremantle.

Jack Rollins, Dan Wallage and Nic Johnston all hail from Sydney’s Northern Beaches and are “heads down, bums up” preparing for their Australian tour.

Sons’ music is eclectic, including everything from easy-listening acoustic numbers to upbeat dance tunes, and their songs have been streamed by more than 30 million Spotify users.

• Sons of the East Dan Wallage rocks out on the banjo. Photos supplied

Rollins describes the band’s music as “Australiacana”.

“It’s a little Australian twist on the Americana genre with blue grass folk, a bit of surf, a bit of Vegemite and some beach vibes in there,” the lead singer says.

“Simply put, Indie folk rock, but I think Australiacana is a cooler way to say it.

“We like to work off a little formula, the boot-stompers and the tear-jerkers.

• Sons of the East: Dan Wallage, Jack Rollins and Nic Johnston.

“Start off with a big old hoedown and then pull those tears out with a few heartfelt love songs, and then hit ‘em back with another banger. Give the audience a little emotional roller-coaster.”

Rollins says they’ll try and catch some waves while in WA.

“There’s nothing better than the day of your show having a little surf to clear the mind; and then one the day after to clear the hang over. My family grew up in Fremantle: It’s always good to head over to the motherland.”

Sons of the East will play Mojo’s on June 30.


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