Common ground

I’VE lost count of how many loaves I’ve bought at Bread in Common on my way home from work, but I’d never dined in.

The heritage listed warehouse on Pakenham Street was converted into a bakery and restaurant in 2013.

The eatery is large and open, with an urban-grunge theme, and there’s plenty of raw brick, exposed steel beams and concrete floors.

Generous serve

Expecting small portions, my companion and I ordered way too much, starting with the in-house bread ($2) and a hazelnut dukkah ($4).

The generous serve of bread included sourdough, a couple of different whole-meals and an olive ciabatta.

Made on the premises, the bread was perfect to mop up a fantastic Margaret River olive oil, which was fresh and fruity with a beautiful after taste.

“You can really taste the hazelnuts,” my companion said as she scooped up more of the complex dukkah.

The huge serving spoons the efficient waiter placed on the table should have been a hint at the dishes to follow; starting with the octopus ($26).

The lamb ribs have survived many menu updates at Bread in Common. Photos

Swimming in a delightfully oily mix of tomatoes, ginger, cumin seed and mustard it was fantastic: the layering of flavours complimenting each other and the octopus so tender it barely required chewing.

A dish of beetroot roasted on coals ($16) was perfectly cooked, with an earthy taste that went well with the yoghurt-based sauce.

My mate’s lamb ribs($23) were topped with a mountain of mint, and it whisked her back to her childhood when she smothered vegetables in mint sauce to make them more palatable.

“Oh my God, this is so good,” she remarked, as she pulled the tender meat from the bone with her bare hands.

There really is nothing common about Bread in Common – just great food.


Bread in Common
43 Pakenham Street, Fremantle
Mon–Fri 11.30am–10pm,
Sat/Sun 8am–late

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