Tree dilemma

FACING a backlash over the felling of two sick Moreton Bay figs in Kings Square last month, Freo council is now asking the community whether it wants to keep two more which are facing death row.

The iconic ‘Christmas Fig’ which for decades has been festooned with decorative lights over the festive season and shaded thousands of visitors, is one of those facing the axe.

Mayor Brad Pettitt says the tree’s health has continued to decline in the last year and the arborists have given the council some sobering news.

“One of the considerations in keeping the trees is whether the ongoing maintenance required to make them safe, including heavy pruning of the limbs and potentially fencing off the bases of the trees, will adversely impact the visual appeal and shade they provide,” Dr Pettitt said.

“Based on independent advice, the report to council proposed replacing the Christmas Fig with a mature Moreton Bay fig and the other fig with a mature London Plane tree, but we’re interested in what our community thinks so have deferred a final decision.”

To have a say in the future of the trees, go to

There’ll also be a public information session at the town hall on Thursday June 21 at 6pm.

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