Daring docos

THE Hilton Winter Film Fest is back after a sell-out debut season last year.

White Gum Valley local Alex Marshall has scoured the world looking for the best documentaries to screen at the Hilton Police and Citizens Youth Centre.

“People respond to the fact they are intelligent films…Hilton is a very switched on community,” he says.

All the films have a social or personal story to tell, including Samsara, which has no dialogue, just indelible images and great music.

• Stunning images from the documentaries Samsara. Photos supplied

Thought provoking

“It questions what are we doing on the planet and what are we doing to the planet,” Marshall says.

The documentary was directed by Ron Fricke and produced by Mark Magidson, whose award-winning Baraka and Chronos combines visual and musical artistry.

Another festival highlight, Losing Sight of Shore, follows the extraordinary journey of four women known as the Coxless Crew.

With no support crew they rowed across the Pacific Ocean from America to Australia, a 12,000km journey that took nine gruelling months.

Barbecue is Matt Salleh and Rose Tucker’s tribute to the great Aussie pastime, with some thought-provoking questions on the ancient ritual of cooking meat over flames.

We Don’t Need a Map is a controversial Warwick Thornton documentary about the Southern Cross.

Since colonisation it has been claimed and appropriated by a range of groups, including the powerful Builders Labourers Federation union.

To Aboriginal people it isn’t a even a cross, but a totem, deeply woven into the spiritual and practical lives of indigenous people. Sponsored by the City of Fremantle the movies are free, but you’ll need to book to ensure a seat.

And if you fancy a tipple, there’s a bar where movie goers can enjoy a mulled wine before the show.

• Warwick Thornton – We don’t need a map

“People are encouraged to stay after the film for a wine and to talk to neighbours – it’s about bringing the community together,” Marshall says.

The festival is held on Friday nights from June 22 to July 13 at Hilton Police and Citizens Youth Centre on Paget Street.

To book go to trybooking.com


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