Booze crackdown

A POLICY aimed at limiting big booze barns in Fremantle had it first outing at council this week.

Pushed by deputy mayor Ingrid Waltham to help combat growing concerns about Freo’s dependence on alcohol for its economy, the policy would make anyone proposing a tavern in a 400sqm building to give up at least half the area for other uses.

Historic pubs will be exempt from the policy.

The policy also gives the council scope to decide whether a proposed tavern is suitable for the location or going to create an over-concentration of alcohol-related entertainment.

The policy made it through this week’s strategic planning and transport committee but will be tweaked before heading to council to give it more teeth.

It follows a fierce social media debate this week after a woman described how she and her daughter became victims of a random attack in an east end shop this week.

Dozens of people shared similar stories of being abused, spat at or assaulted in Fremantle, while others complained about feeling unsafe walking its streets.

While mayor Brad Pettitt tried to counter by pointing to statistics showing crime rates were falling, others said the outpouring reflected people’s “lived experience” in the port city.

Others claimed the city had turned a corner and new developments such as Kings Square would soon fill the streets and help combat anti-social behaviour.

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