New park win

LAST weekend the kids were out having a kick-to-kick and parents were celebrating as one of Spearwood’s newest developments lost a sump and gained a park.

Back in 2016 residents of the Ocean Road development were outraged when Cockburn council decided the parkland they were promised in pre-sale glossy brochures was needed for a fenced sump (“Fence a one-in-a-lifetime,” Herald, July 14, 2016).

• Christine Breglia is thrilled to have lost the fence and gained a park. Photo by Steve Grant

The landowners mulled over launching a class action, but with some encouragement from mayor Logan Howlett the city’s engineers had a rethink and decided to lower an outlet pipe and alter how stormwater was distributed throughout the open space.

The new drainage system survived last winter, so the council has put in lawns and seating, and much to the relief of residents, dropped a fence.

“You have to hand it to Cockburn council, when you complain, they really do listen and do something about it,” says resident Christine Breglia, who’d mobilised the opposition when the fence first went up.

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