Pete’s pedal power

WHEN Peter Nessfield talks about the guitar pedal he spent years developing, his eyes light up like a 1000-watt Marshall stack.

“For years I had a sound in my mind I wanted to achieve and I tweaked it and tweaked it,” he says.

“I wanted a bit of breakup, so the pedal has a warm tone with a bit of overdrive.”

• PN Electronics owner Peter Nessfield in his shop. Photo by Harriet Burrows

Bluesy sound

The years of effort he put into fine-tuning his Nessfield Bluezer pedal has paid off and it’s now used by guitarists in bands like Eskimo Joe, The Hippo’s, Bondi Cigars, The Nervous Investors, Desert Child and Mighty Reepers.

“I developed these pedals because I have never found a pedal with the sound I liked,” says Nessfield, who plays guitar in The Bluetonics. “They have a very bluesy sound; they aren’t heavy metal.”

In an industry saturated with cheap imported amps and pedals, Nessfield says he prides himself on the quality of his bespoke, locally-made products.

• The Nessfield Bluezer pedal.

The muso learned the basics of electronics at Mt Lawley Senior High School before working at a number of electrical stores.

Now he’s got his own business, PN Electronics in Hamilton Hill, and spends a lot of his time repairing guitars, amps and turntables.

Nessfield says he used to fix a lot of guitars, but recently he’s been inundated with broken radiograms – combined radio and record players built into a cabinet with a speaker.

“People often inherit them from their grandparents and become fascinated with them. It’s a bit of a niche market these days.”

PN Electronics
Shop 3, 16 Cockburn Road
Hamilton Hill
9335 7317


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