Shh…I’m rocking out

ROSES FOR GHOSTS vocalist Stevie Rain spends his nights jumping around on stage heavily laden in silver chains, but by day he is a mild-mannered librarian for Fremantle council.

He says it’s like having two lives.

“You can’t be going around the library using profanities and jumping around. I’ve got to be polite and customer-focused,” he says.

Mr Rain says he used to cover his tattoos for work, but eventually people got used to them.

Customer focused

“Eventually all the old people who care about people having tattoos will probably die,” he says, adding after a pause; “I mean that in the nicest way possible”.

Roses for Ghosts are just one of the bands that will feature in next month’s Hidden Treasures.

The highly popular winter music series features an eclectic mix of bands including Australian punk outfit Last Quokka, rap rockers Roses for Ghosts and obscure electronic angels Feels.

Mr Rain says Roses for Ghosts have just released a new album Bo$$ Cats, and he’s excited to perform alongside bassist Shardz, guitar player Jakey and drummer Montana.

• Stevie Rain (green teeth) is a librarian by day and a rock rapper by night. Photo supplied

“We’re just four guys from Freo and Rockingham doing something a little different. We go on stage and have as much fun as we can.

“It’s pretty unpredictable, we get pretty loose,” he says.

Mr Rain says the band decided to shoot their most recent music video in the Perth Library, an unlikely marrying of his two distant worlds.

“That’s a funny story actually,” he says. “We couldn’t film at the Freo Library cos I’d probably lose my job, so we went into the city.

“We snuck all our instruments in and played amongst the shelves and filmed it and everything.

“They didn’t even find out.

“When we walked past security with all our gear they just said our bass player couldn’t have his coffee.”

Mr Rain says he enjoys his job at the library.

“You meet a lot of different people from a lot of different areas and the council is based there so it’s interesting.”

Mr Rain has been at the library for six years after deciding teacher training wasn’t for him.

“I walked into the library and they had a sign up saying they needed people.”

In contrast to his rather “yelly” style of singing, Mr Rain is softly spoken, probably a side-effect of working in the library. “My band is where I let loose,” he says.


“I’ve grown up around guitars and my dad was a pretty prominent musician back in the 1970s with his band Loaded Dice.

“INXS actually supported them back in the day,” he says proudly.

Mr Rain says his grandparents also influenced his taste in music.

“They showed me the Beastie Boys and when I heard that vinyl as a little kid it changed my whole world.”

You can catch Roses for Ghosts on Thursday 12 July at the Wyola Club along with plenty of other bands worth discovering at


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