I do like to be careful

WEDDING photographers will have to dig a bit deeper for their creativity for at least another fortnight while repairs to the Cliff Street ‘wedding wall’ are completed.

The facade of the 1880s Liebler building, which is also known as Reckitt and Colman after an agency run by noted family business Lionel Samson & Sons, has been open to the elements since the building was demolished in 1967.

• Probably not what you want for your wedding photos unless you’re a tradie tragic. Photo by Steve Grant

Notre Dame University owns the site and had been planning to incorporate the facade into a five-storey nursing and midwifery school, but that project was put on hold last year after Fremantle council arced up over the proposed height.

With mortar starting to crumble and bricks loosening, NDU closed off car parking bays behind the facade a couple of months ago, but after further deterioration decided the footpath in front also needed to be closed to the public.

The uni says its looking forward to the wall being available for tourists to capture their special day once the stabilisation has been completed.


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