I’m lovin’ it!

THE Gods created certain kinds of beings to replenish our bodies, they are the trees and the plants and the seeds,” Plato wrote around 400 BC, in what was possibly the first advert for a vegan diet.

More than 2000 years later the singer KD Lang pondered why we call some animals “pets” and others “dinner”.

You won’t find hair of the dog or anything else connected to animals on Loving Hut’s menu, instead it’s packed with plant-based dishes, from the big breakfast ($21) to burgers, pies and curries.

The Fremantle eatery, part of the largest vegan chain in the world, advocates that a plant-based diet is healthier, it doesn’t harm animals and is more sustainable for the planet.

Conflicting times on two websites had my companion and I rocking up 90 minutes before the place opened, but rather than being turned away we were offered a drink and handed the breakfast menu.

Pretty soon we were seated on the balcony overlooking Blinco Street, sipping a non-dairy hot chocolate ($5) and a “happy” beetroot juice ($8.50) that came with a metal straw, not a plastic one.

“The whole bagel is so fresh.” Photo by Matthew Eeles.

I’m a sucker for breakfast pancakes and couldn’t resist the Hut’s gluten-free buckwheat incarnation ($18).

The huge stack was layered with bananas, ground almonds and date and blueberry puree.

Dense, with a slight nutty flavour, the pancakes were drizzled with salted caramel sauce.

My vegan mate’s breakfast bagel ($14.50) was a gloriously technicolour mix of scramble tofu, greens, “cream cheese” and rice paper bacon.

The “bacon” was as salty and crisp as a well-cooked rasher and the bright yellow “scrambled egg” had a slightly chewy texture.

“It tastes like an egg,” my companion said, adding “The whole bagel is so fresh.”

Being selfless and devoted partners, we took a salted caramel slice ($6.50) and a rocky road ($5.50) home for our loved ones.

Both were so well received they disappeared in record time.

Loving Hut is also a mini-mart selling a range of vegan products.


Loving Hut
19 Blinco Street, Fremantle
open Tues-Sunday

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