Beach, brews and new best buds at Bathers

MY recent visit to Bathers Beach House is one I’ll remember for a long time.

As the sun was setting over a glassy Indian Ocean out front, a fire pit was being lit just a few feet from our table.

The evening’s cool, crisp air was quickly replaced with a welcome warmth which attracted other punters and created a communal vibe which I’ve never experienced in a restaurant before.


People were introducing themselves to each other, enjoying a quick chat before heading back to their tables as their orders arrived.

It’s a magic setting.

I’d been keen to try out Bathers’ new menu for a while now and it didn’t disappoint.

Dishes like sliced honey glazed pork belly ($14), char grilled Tasmanian salmon ($32) and crispy skin chicken breast with truffle mash ($27) are a celebration of all things ocean and earth.

It’s perfect tucker for a classy restaurant and bar just metres away from where the waves kiss the shore.

Photos by Matthew Eeles

As requested, our entire order arrived at the same time.

Our table was packed full of gorgeous plates including the kangaroo ($15) which set a high standard for the other dishes.

The thick slices of mouthwateringly tender roo were charred on the outside and blue on the inside – the only way to eat it.

The red wine jus, baby carrots and toasted pumpkin seeds rounded out a perfect winter meal.

A big bowl of mushroom and pumpkin risotto was next.

It’s an interesting plate up: a mound of creamy risotto on one side and a generous smear of cashew cream on the other.

The cashew cream was a textural delight with plenty of nutty flavour. Mixed together with thick slices of mushroom, the dish was earthy and packed with enough protein to disguise the fact it’s actually vegetarian.

Next level

Between mouthfuls of the risotto, we hoed into the salt and pepper squid ($15) and whitebait ($10) – the latter being next level.

The petite little fishies are coated in a turmeric spice mix then deep fried. They’re very crunchy and very moorish.

As Perth’s only absolute beachfront restaurant, Bathers Beach House is a special place. A picture perfect location to show off Fremantle to visiting guests.


Bathers Beach House
47 Mews Road, Fremantle
Phone 9335 2911

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