Because of Her, We Can

MELVILLE councillor Karen Wheatland’s not just handy sailing tugboats or flagging amendments; thanks to a degree she’s an accomplished photographer, as this beautiful portrait of Noongar woman Vera Warrell, now deceased, attests.

A chance conversation with an organiser of the council’s NAIDOC celebrations has seen a series of Cr Wheatland’s portraits of local Aboriginal women included in an art exhibition at the council’s Civic Centre on Almondbury Road, Booragoon until tomorrow (Sunday July 15).

Cr Wheatland said at the time she wanted to challenge the popular stereotype of Aboriginal drunkenness and set out to take portraits that showed the beauty of Aboriginal women. The theme of NAIDOC this year is Because of Her, We Can, a celebration of Aboriginal women as role models. The exhibition also includes artworks by Aboriginal women from the council’s art collection, and works from remote desert communities.

One response to “Because of Her, We Can

  1. i am pretty certain that it is inappropriate to publish a pic of an Aboriginal person, who now deceased. , or is Cr Wheatland just chasing brownie points making this about herself. Am also pretty certain that she does not sail tugs, just a deckhand who is currently on compo !

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