RSLWA steps in

THE state RSL has had to step in to help resolve a feud in the Fremantle sub-branch over its future – which could include winding up.

The local RSL has been homeless since moving out of the Wyola RSL building on High Street a couple of years ago, but recently have been sharing space with Legacy on Parry Street.

But there’s some within the sub-branch that are unhappy about the situation and falling membership, and have been pushing for change.

President Robert Fittock, a former Fremantle councillor, says the dispute has seen him fall out with the committee, but he believes a meeting due to be held this week will resolve the situation amicably.

At the meeting members will get the chance to discuss seven options, although there’ll be no voting and the final decision will reside with the committee or the state branch.

The options include staying with Fremantle Legacy and sorting out some paperwork issues, amalgamating with Bicton Palmyra RSL, co-locating with the same sub-branch, moving to the North Fremantle Bowling Club, trying to get a foot in at the new club hub at Fremantle Park or winding up.

A former member who’s pulled back from the Fremantle sub-branch said the atmosphere was becoming “toxic” while he was also unhappy that older members were giving younger ones the cold shoulder.


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