Zero waste

ACCORDING to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Australians are some of the world’s biggest wasters.

Each year the average Aussie household throws out about 1.5 million tonnes of rubbish; it makes Zero Store and The Raw Kitchen owner Emma Daly cringe and she’s committed to doing something about it.

With the Fremantle-based Plastic Free July initiative in full swing, Ms Daly has announced she’ll be doubling the Zero Store’s size this year to offer more products that don’t come swathed in layers of plastic. She’ll also be heading online.

Emma Daly in the Zero Store. Photos by Harriet Burrows.

“The plastic free movement and conscious consumerism has been growing a lot particularly in the last year since the [ABC] War on Waste series,” Ms Daly says.

“I think most people are pleasantly surprised when they try to make little steps to reducing their waste or plastic use that it is not that challenging, it is just about once you take the step and get the things you need to replace the disposable options you are away, and they end up being cheaper in the long run.” Ms Daly says.

“I think that Freo, in general, is amazing at getting behind movements like this, there is a groundswell here of people being conscious in the choices they are making and supportive of businesses who are trying to be environmentally conscious.


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