Let’s toast Brad

TOAST was off the menu when Brad Jervis accepted a workmate’s challenge to join him in a half-marathon, so instead he created No Toast – a grain-free granola.

Fuelled by his homemade granola, the 21km wasn’t challenging enough for the Melville local so he opted to tackle the full 42km marathon instead.

“I thought; ‘it’s not much more to do another 21 kays’,” Mr Jervis says.

He came up with his recipe after finding a website about eliminating refined foods, “that gives you sustained energy without leaving you feeling bloated.”


The paleo-based blend of coconut, honey and nuts was trial and error: “Playing around with a few different recipes until I had something that suited my tastes.”

Chuffed with his recipe Mr Jarvis gave family and friends a taster, and they demanded more.

• Brad Jervis makes his grain-free granola. Photo by Jenny D’Anger

It wasn’t long before No Toast was being sold by Mr Jarvis and wife Jennifer at a growers markets, then online, and at several gourmet shops.

On cooking day, the family kitchen is a hive of activity as he hand-makes his granola.

Along with the original honey and cranberry granola, there’s the Challenge recipe, named after his friend’s challenge to make cereal with no carbs, dairy, sugar or fruit.

No Toast was breakfast of choice at the City of Perth’s Bike Week, and Margaret River’s South West Mudfest this year.

It also earned a gong from agriculture and food minister Alannah MacTiernan, as one of three WA premium breakfast cereals ready for export.

It tastes so good you can eat it straight from the packet, a bit like healthy popcorn, and it’s great with yoghurt or almond milk.

If demand keeps growing, MR Jervis may look at bigger premises, but for now he’s happy to be “hands on” and in control of his own destiny – and product.

For more info go to notoast.com.au or call Brad Jervis on 0478 210 838.


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