Let’s clean up Bicton

WITH wildlife officers chasing a Swan River dolphin tangled in fishing wire this week, a team from the Sea Shepherd’s Marine Debris Campaign will be giving the foreshore around Bicton Baths a cleanup tomorrow (Sunday August 19) at 9am.

Although some of the line was cleared from the female dolphin High Nitch this week, there are still concerns about her welfare and her calf Splash, who still needs her milk for survival.

• Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Team co-ordinator Marina Hansen and Corinne Johnsen get ready for the foreshore cleanup. Photo supplied

Sea Shepherd volunteer Marina Hanson regularly sees the effects of pollution on wildlife, and says there’s a lot of “terrible small plastics” which have washed up around the baths.

She says helping to clear it will give animals such as High Nitch a bit of breathing space.

Sea Shepherd’s better known for its campaigns aimed at bigger cetaceans, and the organisation will be screening its first-ever feature film later this month which focuses on its battle against the Japanese whaling fleet. The screening will be a Murdoch University on August 25, with food and activities from midday and the screening at 1.30pm.

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