Beautiful fundraiser

THE human form in all its many guises is on show in Body Beautiful at Atwell Gallery.

Hayley Goullée’s colourful anatomical artwork  – showing beauty is literally not skin deep –  is just one of the fascinating artworks on show.

Goullée is completing a Phd at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, and half of the proceeds from sales of her art go to the not-for-profit.

• Hayley Goullée with her anatomical artwork. Photo supplied

Breast cancer

The institute researches a range of diseases and genetic disorders in adults including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and mental health.

“To find the genes and the mutations that cause change,” Goullée says.

The institute opened in 1998 at the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre in Nedlands.

In 2003 Fremantle Hospital became a partner and in 2014 Perkins South was opened at Fiona Stanley Hospital, at a cost of $63.5 million.

Goullée is also planning a sponsored Hike for Health along the Great Wall of China next May.

She’s already in training for the five-day trip, but reckons working at the institute is good grounding for perseverance: “We are all very stubborn and tenacious.”

It was Goullée’s mother’s second battle with breast cancer that sparked an interest in research: Goullée spotted an advertisement for the Royal College of Pathologist of Australia on her way to a pathology class.

The picture of a blood sample in a tube with the sticker, ‘Is mum going to be okay?’ said it all.

“I thought, I’m going to help make that answer ‘yes’ more often,” Goullée says.

The young scientist’s paintings are gaining attention amongst the medical fraternity, and she’s donated art to an exhibition to raise awareness of organ donation in September.

Meanwhile, you can catch Body Beautiful at the Atwell Gallery, Canning Highway, Alfred Cove, August 27 to September 2.

To donate to Hayley and Hike for Health go to


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