Saviour for Fly?


DIVINE intervention could see the Fly by Night Musician’s Club stay at Victoria Hall.

St John’s newish parish priest Patrick King has confirmed Fremantle’s Anglicans are considering buying the hall and leasing it back to the club.

“It’s very early days but Victoria Hall was built by the parish for the good of the whole community and we would be delighted to see the hall continue to serve the whole community of the city of Fremantle,” Rev King told the Herald.

• Bob Brozman is one of the many musos to have played at the Fly.

Fly by Night committee member Steve Wells says the 32-year-old non-for-profit club is part of the “fabric of Fremantle”.

“It would be a real shame for us to leave when the town could develop a bit of a vibe again,” he says.

“When King Square shapes up and people come out more, we really need a place like the Fly.”

Mr Wells says if the church isn’t the successful bidder and the Fly has to move on, they’ll “operate on a shoe-string budget and host gigs out of someone’s bedroom”.

At the time of going to print, the Fly were planning to launch a crowd-funding page on Thursday night (August 30).


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