Vollies shocked by Bicton junk

AS Splash the baby dolphin succumbed to the pollution that killed her mum a week ago, volunteers at a recent river clean-up in Bicton have given an insight into the crisis facing our marine life.

In one morning, just 45 Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Campaign volunteers picked up 11,959 pieces of rubbish from the short stretch of beach alongside the Bicton Baths.

Organiser Marina Hanson says many of the workers were Melville residents who were shocked to discover the level of pollution along their foreshore.

Stephanie Hales took her hubby and two sons along for their first clean-up and agrees it was a real eye-opener.

• Just when you feel like giving up on humans, Sea Shepherd’s rubbish-collecting volunteers offer a glimmer of hope.

“I was surprised at how clean it looked when we got there, but then how much we picked up,” Ms Hales told the Herald.

She stumbled across piles of nurdles, which are the raw material used in the manufacturing of plastic objects –  1800 of them were found.

“Once I found them, I couldn’t stop seeing them,” Ms Hales said.

Ms Hanson wonders whether the nurdles were left over from an unsolved spill two years ago when the little plastic blobs were found coating the river’s banks in North Fremantle (“Millions of plastic pellets pollute river,” Herald, November 3, 2016).


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