Church kingpin

Patrick King

ST JOHN’S parish rector Patrick King says buying Victoria Hall would help the church become the centre of society in Fremantle again.

The Anglican church is in discussion with Fremantle council about buying Victoria Hall, the former home of the Fly by Night Musician’s Club.

The Fly struggled to pay its rent to council, and Fr Kings believes an ad-hoc hire arrangement would be less onerous than a lease for the not-for-profit club if the church were to take over.

“I’d love to think we could make an offer on the hall,” says Fr King, highlighting a little nervously that it’s very early days.

He says Victoria Hall was built by the Parish back in 1896/7 for a lot more than “just bible studies”.

“It was for people to dance in, play in, fall in love in and have a nice time.”

“And while it might not fill up with people doing the jive every weekend anymore, this is an opportunity to come back to the original conversation of how can this space serve the community?”

He says Fly by Night’s music events are an important part of Fremantle’s music and arts culture, and a very worthwhile use of the hall.


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