J’adore Paris

RED rose couched in the soft embers of a Paris street is one of the highlights of the exhibition Remember Paris.

All 31 of Julie Podstolski’s pencil and pastel artworks are based on her visits to the “City of Love” over the years.

The rose was on a balcony table at a ritzy restaurant at the Pompidou Centre, and Podstolski had just enough time to snap a great photo before being sent packing by a snooty garçon.

“I felt like a successful thief,” she chuckles.

At the gallery entrance a striking work has a fairytale quality that belies its provenance: As the picture of a young woman in shorts and a crop top on a Paris wall crumbled over the years, it began to resemble an old world figure in a lacy gown.

“It reminded me of the clock striking 12 in Cinderella,” Podstolski says.

Remember Paris is a joint-exhibition with sculptor Robyn Varpins, and all of her works are connected to Paris and complement Podstolski’s drawings, including a series of angels that are a nod to the city’s famous cemeteries, and the gargoyles on Notre Dame.

Others sculptures acknowledge Paris’ romantic side, with couples embracing and stylish women displaying “the fashion and elegance of Paris,” Varpins says.

A map of the city provides cultural depth to the artworks, and visitors can trace Podstolski’s Paris, then sit down on comfy chairs and thumb through a number of books about her favourite city.

She’s raffling one of her works during the exhibition, with proceeds going to the Fremantle Street Doctor.

Remember Paris is at Early Works Gallery on South Terrace in South Fremantle from September 8 to 23. 


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