Letters 22.9.18

HMS Pettifore
WHILE Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt may welcome the idea of retaining Fremantle as a freight port; many want a different future.
Continuing the container-truck congestion, road safety hazards, carcinogenic pollution, transportation of dangerous chemicals through our streets, and the industrial-city environment these produce is a bleak and unimaginative vision.
Many of us made our voices heard before the last state government election; move the containers to Kwinana asap, divert the trucks off metropolitan roads and redevelop the harbour to become the sophisticated centre of civic activity, recreation, entertainment and tourism that port cities around the world have created on their old freight quays.
We need imaginative leadership that invigorates Fremantle, unleashes the economic potential of Kwinana as a prime industrial hub and provides our state with a modern, internationally competitive freight port.
S Booth
East Fremantle

Costly wave
THERE is already a very small wave park in Perth – it’s located in Joondalup.
Google Aloha Surfhouse.
The cost is $39 for 30 minutes; that’s right just 30 minutes.
Unless you are under 15 when it drops to $34 for 30 minutes.
Further Googling reveals there is one in Austin Texas, USA.
For $A85-119 you get just under one hour of surfing.
In Snowdonia, Wales there is a wave park that’s cheaper than the USA one. It’s only $A64-84 for one  hour. I estimate that if a wave park was built in Perth, the price would be somewhere between the two overseas prices. Throw in a burger and coke and you won’t have much change from $100 for one hour of surfing.
Possibly the developer of the wave park may provide an indicative price.
Gordon Whitmore
Kitchener Road, Melville

Keep the port
GERRY MACGILL is exaggerating the negative effect of the truck traffic in North Fremantle (“Betrayed”, Herald letters, 15 September, 2018).
Tydeman Road is on the periphery of North Fremantle. Trucks pass just a handful of houses before entering onto the Stirling Bridge, which was built in the 1970s to carry the increasing truck traffic.
The extension of Stirling Highway, acting as a bypass for the town centre, has allowed the street calming and revitalisation of Queen Victoria Street that we have seen over the last decade or so. A big improvement.
I do agree with Mr MacGill that the council did not make very clear the level of its support for the working port during the Roe 8 debate.
The port is a huge attraction to locals as well as visitors; it is an authentic experience as opposed to the contrivance of a “tourist attraction”. Fremantle as a Port City is foundational to our identity and should not be messed with.
Helen Hewitt

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