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MOUNT PLEASANT residents have rallied around to re-open a local street library, after all the books and bookcase were pinched last month.

Glynn Franche set the library up outside his Reynolds Road house a few years back, using books he salvaged from roadside collections.

During the day, the retiree is a volunteer driver for aged care service provider Melville Cares.

“I was driving, and one of the ladies on the bus was chatting away, and I was like, ‘Oh, I’ve got a book on that, I’ll pop home and get it for you,’” Mr Franche says.

“It was Friday, midday, and we pulled in and it was all gone, the whole entire thing.

• Glynn Franche’s new Street Library up and running after the last was stolen. Photo by Molly Schmidt

“It was a big cabinet, and very well marked with signs about how to use it and to leave books for others – you could’t mistake it for roadside collection.”

But Mr Franche has already got a new street library up and running.

“I put a blackboard out saying it had been stolen and the community came together to help, so in a way it had a positive effect.”

Mr Franche says workers from a nearby construction site enjoy a flick through his novels during smoko, and the day after the theft they popped over with a box of books.

“It just goes to show how these sorts of things bring communities together,” he says.


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