Oval may move

THE first draft of Freo council’s masterplan for Beaconsfield has been released, with a big question mark hanging over Bruce Lee Oval.

The oval has been earmarked for housing if the council can work out how to transform the old quarry on Lefroy Road into sports fields and open space.

Mayor Brad Pettitt says the quarry site is 50 per cent bigger than the oval, giving the council the opportunity to develop better sporting facilities.

“South Street is an important public transport corridor and it makes sense to have residential development close to public transport, while the quarry site is vacant land and there’s not a lot it can be used for,” he said.

The council will undertake a six-month feasibility study to look at options for the quarry, and Dr Pettitt says if that shows it’s not possible to green up the site, Bruce Lee will stay where it is.

“Regardless of the outcome of the study, everyone will still have the chance to have their say and the masterplan can still be amended before it’s officially adopted,” he said.

High rise

Three precincts near Clontarf Hill have been earmarked for high rise apartments, with the draft plan not mandating upper limits but indicating they’ll start from eight storeys.

The area notoriously known as the Beacy Bronx features a mix of mostly medium to low-rise apartments between three and eight storeys.

Former mayoral candidate Ra Stewart questioned whether the council was catering enough for families.

“There seems to be a lot of high density high-rise (five-storeys plus), and only two blocks in the entire area designated family housing, which doesn’t make sense to me, given the Davis Park precinct is used predominantly by families and children,” she said.


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