The bigger picture

A DEAF mugger brings an auslan interpreter so his victims understand why they are being robbed, a woman with a prosthetic leg loves shoe shopping and a dog relates the experience of involuntary admission to a psychiatric ward.

These are just some of the outre short films in The Other Film Festival, featuring movies starring and made by people with a disability.

The two-day festival includes talks, presentations and industry panels: “In all screenings, talks, panels and workshops we have emphasised the voice and leadership of people with disability and deaf people, ensuring integrity as we abide by the adage ‘nothing about us without us’, as we portray the lived experience of people with disability,” festival director Mija Gwyn says.

• Scenes from the short films Living in Space (above) and Gimpsey (below), showing at the The Other Film Festival.

Director Fiona Tuomy says films about people with disability help break down barriers and portray them as more than just stereotypes.

“TV and film is a powerful medium, and it’s an opportunity to lead and change the conversation,” she says.

People with a disability are still largely unseen, misrepresented and under-employed on TV and film, Tuomy adds.

“The Other Film Festival challenges this by providing a platform to counter the stereotypes prevalent in popular culture and by advocating for change,” she says.

“Our aim is to present a visionary film program of an inclusive society where people with disability are at the centre of the storytelling, not marginalised, imitated or spoken about.”

Films will be captioned, or subtitled and there will be Auslan interpreters on hand for the panel events.

There’ll also be a screening of films by local artists with a disability.

The Other Film Festival is on October 6 and 7 at DADAA, 92 Adelaide Street, Fremantle. It’s free but you need to book at


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