Karaoke king

• Elvis impersonator Bruno Grenci will attempt to break a karaoke world record next week. Photo by Molly Schmidt

FREMANTLE’S Bruno Grenci hopes to set a new karaoke world record next week by singing for more than four days straight.

The Elvis impersonator will sing about 2000 songs during the lung-busting marathon, but the Chook reckons he could simplify matters by just singing three prog rock tracks by Yes.

The record-breaking attempt will be taking place at the South Street Ale House in Hilton, which is owned by his family.

Be warned, at least 1000 of the numbers could be country music ditties as Mr Grenci is a big fan of the genre.

The current record holder is Italian singer Leonardo Polverelli, who sang for 101 hours 59 minutes and 15 seconds in September 2011.

“I’ve got to knock him off,” Mr Grenci says, “and he did just under four days.”

Mr Grenci will raise funds for Telethon during the record attempt and has a history of singing for good causes – over the years he has performed for nursing homes, children’s hospitals and the Red Cross.

He even recorded an album with his band, Memphis, for a friend’s child who was unwell; donating all proceeds from the 1000 copies sold to the “little lad”.

“I love singing and I love people,” says Mr Grenci. “I love to help people out.”

Under the rules set by Guinness, Mr Grenci is allowed to repeat songs, but he says he won’t, as he has about 3000 numbers lined-up.

“I have to have two time keepers and two adjudicators who cross off the songs and rotate every four hours,” he says.

He’ll need to sing for 20 minutes straight, with five minute breaks permitted, and sleeping is out of the question.

The singer says he’s not worried about getting tired and just hopes his voice holds out.

“I’m doing the easy songs first, then when it gets to the last day I’ll hit all the high octaves and things like that. I’d really love it if readers could come on down and support me.”

Mr Grenci is looking for corporate sponsors to donate $1 a song, and punters can donate at the ale house, which will be open from Monday evening (October 8) until Mr Grenci stops singing (or collapses).


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