Outliving the red tape

• Live Well Longer founders Jenni Perkins, Jill Jamieson and Robyn Massey.

LIVE Well Longer helps elderly people who want to continue staying  at home, but are faced with reams of bamboozling red tape.

The not-for-profit is the brainchild of three senior public servants – Jill Jamieson, Robyn Massey and Jenni Perkins – who were all trying to navigate the commonwealth’s new consumer directed home care to help their parents stay put.

“It’s a good policy, however working though the bureaucracy is a nightmare,” Ms Jamieson says.

The Bicton local has parents in their eighties who didn’t want to move into an aged-care facility, but they needed some additional support at home.

Having recently stepped down from a senior role at the WA TAFE, Ms Jamieson felt confident she could deal with bureaucracy.

“After hours gathering information from friends and the government website, waiting in queues on information lines and speaking to numerous service providers, I became more and more frustrated and sympathised with older Australians and their families tying to navigate the system without adequate time or knowledge of government jargon and processes.”

Ms Perkins, a Disability Services executive, was also surprised at the difficulty of the process, “while balancing the demands of a senior executive role, parenting two teenage children and caring for my mother.”

As her mother’s need for support increased, Ms Massey, an  executive director responsible for the development of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, found she was also hitting walls.

“I experienced first-hand the challenges and frustrations faced by many individuals, families and service providers who are attempting to navigate the new aged-care system.

“And while there is a plethora of information available, it is often confusing and contradictory.”

Care providers have jumped on the band-wagon, “flooding the market”, which adds to the confusion, Ms Jamieson says.

Live Well Longer was established for people wanting to remain in their own home and is holding a seminar, Navigating the Australian Aged Care System, at Leisure Fit Melville, corner of Stock Road, October 24, 6–7pm.

To register email contact@livewelllonger.com.au or for more information go to http://www.livewelllonger.com.au


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