Whinge crackdown

INNER-CITY residents complaining about noise from nearby pubs and nightclubs could soon be ignored by Fremantle council.

The WA planning commission is looking at introducing an “anti-whinge” law in Northbridge, preventing people from moving in next door to a venue and then moaning about the din.

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt wants the proposed law extended to Fremantle, and last week councillors voted to prepare a submission to the WAPC arguing their case.

“A study by Tourism WA last year identified Fremantle as Perth’s most popular entertainment precinct, and a big reason for that is our vibrant nightlife and live music scene,” said Dr Pettitt.

“With the Kings Square renewal project acting as a catalyst for an unprecedented level of investment in residential developments in central Freo, plus the changes we’ve made to our local planning scheme to encourage higher density, we expect our city centre population to more than double over the next few years.

“But it’s important for people to realise when they live in an inner-city area that a little bit of noise goes with the territory.”

The proposed law would put the onus on developers of new apartments to mitigate noise, rather than existing pubs and clubs that have been there for years.

“[This] would be a positive step towards protecting the live music venues and creative industries that attract people to Freo in the first place.”

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