LETTERS 10.11.18

Stinks to work for the Link
ON Monday I saw how staff at the Fremantle Centrelink office have to deal with some awful situations.
A man and a woman went into the public toilets together and 30 minutes later another woman came out and said the man was trying to resuscitate the woman by giving her mouth-to-mouth.
The security officer and the office manageress dealt with the situation calmly and discreetly.
The man was taken aside and spoken to by a staff member, but it soon became obvious the woman had lost consciousness and her life was in danger.
The manageress had already called for an ambulance and had rubber gloves on and started to run to the alert the street doctor working in a van across the road, but she slipped and fell and hurt herself in the process.
This made a girl with pink hair sitting behind me laugh and the female who came across the situation had already said to her friend ‘let’s get out of here’ and they had gone.
The ambulance arrived very quickly on the scene and I don’t know what condition the woman is in now.
This situation demonstrates why they have at least one security guard and more than 15 CCTV cameras on the ceiling.
Centrelink staff should not have to be responsible for these type of things.
Colin Svanberg
John Street, Cottesloe

Vote buying vandalism
THE McGowan government’s decision to sell off land earmarked for the intended Roe 8 project is a repeat of political bastardry initiated by Alannah MacTiernan when she deleted the Fremantle Bypass from the regional planning scheme.
She immediately sold the land to prevent a future government re-instating this vital infrastructure.
In both instances it was to gain votes at an imminent election without any thought of the future frustration and cost to the community.
McGowan wrongly asserts the electors voted for his ill-considered action, when in fact they wanted to get rid of an arrogant incumbent premier.
To proceed with his vandalism of vital road infrastructure, just to appease a vocal group of tree-huggers, will end up costing taxpayers billions for the already proposed band-aid fixes to local traffic problems, which future generations will be forced to endure.
The transport workers union is conspicuously silent on its members’ elevated levels of frustration and road trauma which will naturally follow as the result of this political power play.
Essential community requirements play no part in today’s politics.
Daryl Binning

What a bitch for the beach
I WAS shocked to find the entire area of Woodman Point foreshore is now a dog beach area.
Woodman Point is a nature reserve. Go figure?
The entire Woodman point foreshore, south of Woodman Point jetty, is a designated dog ‘on leash’ zone, but most people seem to not bother as plenty of dogs were off leash.
There are lots of dog beaches in Coogee and this area is not at all appropriate for dogs. You will no longer find pelicans, oyster catchers or other wildlife on this beach anymore.
A sad day for Woodman Point and shame on the City of Cockburn for caving into the pressure of those living in new housing estates in the Coogee Marina area.
Robert Middleton
Address supplied

Is Fremantle dancing with the devil?
ALCOA has been a topic discussed in the previous two editions of the Herald, specifically regarding the effort by Fremantle council to persuade the company to relocate its new headquarters to Fremantle Oval.
Irrespective of where Alcoa’s headquarters are ultimately relocated, I’d like to make a point about the activiti es undertaken by the company, in particular, about bauxite mining.
Alcoa and South 32 have cleared a total area of Jarrah Forest 695 times greater than was cleared for the Roe 8.
It’s the equivalent of a bulldozer with a one kilometre-wide bucket clearing a path through the Northern Jarrah Forest at 100kmph for two hours and 55 minutes non-stop.
This clearing has occurred in an area not so far from Perth, and is expected to continue for decades to come. An average of around eight square kilometres is currently cleared per year.
The extraction of bauxite for the production of aluminium is a legitimate land-use activity within the forest, however, only a small amount of upland Northern Jarrah Forest, particularly in the high-rainfall zone, has actually been reserved from mining.
With the five year review of the Forest Management Plan, there is a brief window of opportunity for the government to step-in to protect certain areas that will otherwise presumably be mined in the near future.
These are areas accessible from Perth as day trips.
To the south-east of Jarrahdale is the Balmoral forest.
It borders the Serpentine River and would serve to balance against the historic mining to the north, and the large Huntly mine to the South.
To the east of Dwellingup are the Inglehope and Amphion forests.
These high-quality upland-Jarrah forests would complement the value of the Lane-Poole Reserve.
This is particularly important because parts of the recreation portion of the Lane Poole Reserve are actually being mined right now.
Further south is Mt Keats, and the hilly area adjacent to the Lane Poole Reserve to the south.
This area features tall trees, and offers great views and hiking.
This area would balance against the large expansion of mining towards Harvey.
Jeremy Perey,
Rambures Way, Hamilton Hill

Hey premier, how’s this fair?
JOHN DOWSON’S excellent letter “Scandal” in last week’s Herald says it all.
We, in East Fremantle, are fortunate to have a local government which responds responsibly to community concerns.
Amendment number 15 to their local planning scheme is a good example of this.
This well-drafted amendment seeks to limit the height of any development on the rear of the Royal George Hotel site in George Street, East Fremantle.
Despite massive community outrage it appears that the WA Planning Commission will recommend to the planning minister that she ignores the town’s amendment number 15, which if adopted would allow the developer to build a 21-storey tower block behind this iconic East Fremantle building.
What I find difficult to comprehend is why we have a state government body which can override planning decisions made by the community’s local government.
What price democracy from a premier elect who promised “Fair and open government”, before we elected him.
Jono Farmer
Sewell street, East Fremantle

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