Having a tilt

• Artist Matthew Thorley at PSAS. Photo by Steve Grant

IT’S not every day that you get to alter the structure of a heritage building in Freo, but local artist Matthew Thorley has spent the last few years doing just that.

In 2016 Thorley spent week after week at the Pakenham Street Art Space, “engaged in a conversation with the space, sinking into a thought process”.

His thoughts eventually materialised as 22 hand-built, carefully angled pillars, rendering the 1910 warehouse into a reverential, gently leaning monument.

Each giant pillar required about six hours of painstaking craftsmanship, before being carefully transported in a Toyota Prius to PSAS, where they were individually assembled and painted a gentle white, contrasting with the blackened walls and selectively-lit interior.

He says his installation is about “questioning the fundamental structures that we take for granted”.

Structural Dependency will be enhanced by a series of dance performances by award-winning WAAPA choreographer Brooke Leeder from December 6-9.

The performance will “merge dancers, space and sound, within an expansive yet intimate environment.”

Structural Dependency opens on Friday (November 23) and will be displayed for about four to six weeks.

Thorley’s next project is a large scale piece at the 2019 Cottesloe Sculptures by the Sea.


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