High-flying life is 99% fun

• Motorcycle daredevils Loic and Cruz (who’s just 4) with Walison the clown and Great Moscow Circus dancers and performers Yeisy, Ebony, Anastasia, Tianni, Tanika, Tatsiana and Tahlia down at Hamilton Hill.

IF your kids ever threaten to run away to join the circus, don’t let them near sisters Tahlia and Tianni Weber – there’ll be no stopping them.

“It’s 99 per cent fun and one per cent work,” says Tahlia about life with the Great Moscow Circus, which has just pitched a big top next to Dixon Reserve in Hamilton Hill.

Coming from a family of seventh-generation circus performers and having grown up at the feet of a roll-call of the world’s best clowns, jugglers and ringmasters, the pair can’t imagine life outside the big top.

“Some of our cousins after school go to uni but for most of us, to live normally is difficult and too boring because you’re always in one place,” Tahlia said.

“We go across the whole of Australia and travel 11 months of the year.”

Tahlia is the show’s solo trapeze artist, dancing and striking dramatic poses on a swing high above the crowd.

“People know the flying trapeze with a troupe, but I don’t have a net,” she says.

Tianni works the aerial silks, and while her sister does most of the talking, she’s the one the family’s banking on to take over the business when her famous father Jeff hangs up his red nose.

“Our dad has taught us a lot, he’s one of the best circus organisers – if not the best – in Australia,” Tianni says.

The pair say living in the circus is like being constantly surrounded by family: “There’s is always someone to help,” says Tahlia.

Administrator Mark Edgley, who’s from another Australian entertainment dynasty, says they’ve brought a brand new show across this year, the first time they’ve been to Fremantle.

The Great Moscow Circus is at Starling Street, Hamilton Hill until December 9. Tickets from http://www.thegreatmoscowcircus.com.au


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