Soul-feast of healing

SOUTH FREMANTLE local Natasha Kelly took less than 18 months to realise her vision for maniFEST, a three-day festival of conscious creating and dreaming.

She says for years she’s wanted to bring like-minded folk together to practice the Law of Attraction, which engenders positive change.

“It will be a pioneering festival exploring the profound possibilities of who we truly are,” Ms Kelly says.

“A soul-feast of healing sounds, inspirational talks, dance, ceremony and the co-creation of conscious community.”


LOA, or conscious creating, believes positive thinking can enrich your life and that negative thoughts can harmful.

“The premise being that when you change your internal world your external world shifts in reflection,” Ms Kelly says.

It’s been around for millennia and is in the teachings of Jesus, Buddha and recorded in ancient texts.

First mentioned as a stand-alone practice in 1887, LOA, or New Thought, enjoyed a resurgence in the 1980s thanks to self-help gurus like Louise Hay.

A practitioner for four years, Ms Kelly’s “dream” was to enlist some of the most powerful healers and shamans to appear at her festival.

“I had no idea how to do it at the time and was told it was a fantasy.”

But things fell into place starting with the location. With no more than a vague idea of a treed property with a watering hole for swimming, Ms Kelly got a call out of the blue from the friend of a friend who owned the perfect property in Harvey.

Lining up therapists, healers and musicians from across Australia was just as easy: “All the people were available at the right time,” Ms Kelly says.

There will be some food vans at the family-friendly festival, but mostly it’s camping and self catering, and kids under 15 are free.

ManiFEST will be held from Friday November 30-Sunday December 2 in Harvey.

For more information or to book go to or call Natasha Kelly on 0410 348 139.

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