To & Fro head straight to success

A START-UP design studio in Fremantle has been awarded the first ever scholarship from the Design Business Council.

To & Fro Studio was created by Loren Holmes and Rosie Halsmith, who say the scholarship will mean they can study online to develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

DBC co-founder Carol Mackay hopes the scholarship will help the studio, located in Pakenham Street Art Space, transition into a sustainable business.

Ms Mackay notes that female designers face different barriers to their male counterparts.

“Design is a great career for both sexes and I know enrolments in design colleges in Australia hover around 50/50 male and female,” she says.

“Strange thing is, anecdotally, I also know women are more likely to be doing design, where men seem to be managing design.”

She says female designers are more likely to be “on the tools” than managers.

“Where men jump without fear of failure, many women want sound management experience before they begin to manage others,” says Ms Mackay.

“They also want good financial knowledge prior to launching their business.

“Added to that I reckon more men own design firms than women, and the women who do, struggle.”

She says designers aren’t known for their business skills, and often the smaller, start-up studios who need training the most, can’t afford it.

“What makes To & Fro Studio interesting is that neither Loren and Rosie come from a ‘traditional’ graphic design background,” Ms Mackay says.

“They’re combining their education background in architecture, environmental design, landscape architecture and musical arts with design to deliver strategic, targeted communications.”


To & Fro Studio
Studio 5 PSAS
22-26 Pakenham St, Fremantle

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