Get Lucky this summer

LUCKY Oceans and his muso friends will be chilling-out with a run of diverse summer shows at Kidogo Art House in Fremantle.

Oceans had planned to stage the gigs on the gallery’s seafront deck, framed by gorgeous sunsets, but climate change put the kibosh on that.

“Weather pattern changes mean the deck is more for February or March…so we kicked off this series inside, which proved to be fantastic,” Oceans says.

The heritage building’s thick limestone walls create great acoustics for the diverse, mid-week shows.

“People have been loving having Wednesday night, where it’s guaranteed there’s something good,” Oceans says.

Musicians often lament Perth audiences’ love of drinking and loud conversation, but at Kidogo “you can hear a pin drop – it’s amazing,” says Oceans.

• Lucky Oceans. Photo supplied

The Lucky by the Ocean shows are a collaboration with long-time friend and Kidogo owner Joanna Robertson, who was impressed when Oceans played up a storm with his Gaelic Gumbo at the Fenians Festival.

The summer shows will feature Oceans playing a diverse range of styles including gypsy jazz, western swing, barrelhouse blues, Irish music and a Hawaiian sundowner with Sam Lemann (Jam Tarts) on Sunday December 30.

“Not a Wednesday, but we had to fit a Hawaiian sundowner in, especially because Mr Aloha is in town,” says Ms Robertson.

Oceans presented The Daily Planet on Radio National for more than 20 years; his mellow voice introducing Australians to a diverse range of world music.

He’s no slouch on the steel guitar, with a listing in Hugh Gregory’s book on the world’s greatest guitarists, and during a career spanning more than 40 years Oceans has played with the likes of Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, Archie Roach and Hank Marvin.

Lucky by the Ocean is on at Kidogo on Bathers Beach at 6.30pm every Wednesday until February.


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