LETTERS 15.12.18

Trash talk
I HAVE just read your front-page article (“‘Was that to go?’”) about Hungry Jacks closing in Freo.
I can not understand why the public need to read the comments of some random trash called “Jennifer”, whose descriptive language we can all do without.
To read “fucking” three times on the cover of your paper is a bit over the top when it may be read by all ages.
There is simply no need for this and it added nothing to the article or your reputation.
Glenn Henly
The Ed responds: We felt the context of Jennifer’s language was important in regards to the comments about HJ’s less salubrious side, and to give a sense of how uncomfortable it sometimes was if you were passing by.

The F word
WHY the need to use the “F” word three times in three paragraphs on the front page of  last week’s Chook?
At least other papers leave it to the reader.
What is the world coming to?
Name and address supplied

HAVING just read the front page of your newspaper, I cannot fathom how the quotes from Jennifer in the story “‘Was that to go?’”, in any way contributes to the story.
As a front page “story”, why the need to publish that kind of language? Was it done for shock value?
Was it done to perpetuate the stereotype of the Fremantle local?
Was it done as some kid of tongue-in-cheek commentary on the low level of newsworthiness of the closure of Hungry Jacks?
Or is it just an example of the continued decline in the quality of the writing in the Herald?
How about maintaining some journalistic integrity, reporting something actually newsworthy, and contributing in the way that a local newspaper should by reporting with some objectivity on real issues to a reasonable standard?
How can the Herald be anything other than embarrassed by such an article?
Joe Lawson

Almost funny
YOUR front-page article on the demise of Hungry Jacks (“Was that to go?’”), was almost a funny read.
From John Dowson’s “a food outlet in the town would cause trouble”, to Brad Pettittt saying the Whopper undermines the city’s idiosyncratic charm.
They both are keen to see it replaced by something of higher quality.
Judging by the amount of free retail space, have either of these gentlemen – who might live in some Alice in Wonderland bubble – noticed any charm about Fremantle in the last 10 or 15 years.
From stores closing to anti-social behaviour and crime, to dirty streets and the never-ending parking issues.
Perhaps they expect the Kings Square development to fix all these things.
Sorry, can’t see it myself.
John Loundes
East Street, East Fremantle

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