Adventure ahoy

FREMANTLE council has given two young locals the chance of a life-changing voyage aboard the sail training ship STS Leeuwin II.

Joel Koios (15) and Noah Ramsay (16) will spend a week aboard the Leeuwin, heading either down to Albany or up to Shark Bay after the council sponsored the full costs of their trip.

During the trip the pair will learn about navigating the ship, setting and furling sails, climbing masts to work aloft and standing watch. It’s all about developing communication and leadership, and on the last day of the voyage the young participants will choose their own crew from within their ranks to take over the ship.

Joel says he’s looking forward to meeting new people and building his confidence on the open sea.

“I have a very ocean-oriented family – my nonno was a fisherman and four of my close family members have sailed the Leeuwin, and I too would love to gain an appreciation and connection to the ocean.”

Noah says he’s hoping to hone his leadership skills so he can keep on the school council at CBC.

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt said that given the city’s proud maritime tradition, it was a perfect fit to sponsor young people so they could experience sailing.

“I’m sure Joel and Noah will find their voyage on the Leeuwin challenging, exhilarating and scary – all at the same time,” Dr Pettitt said.

“But the friendships they make, the lessons they learn about working as a team and the confidence they get from the experience will stay with them for life, and set them up to become Fremantle’s future leaders.”

The trips are organised by Leeuwin Ocean Adventure, a non-profit organisation that aims to enrich young people’s lives through adventure.

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