Fees to curb parkers

FREMANTLE council will introduce paid parking along Marine Terrace and Mews Road next year in an effort to control uni students and commuters who outstay their welcome.

In February this year the council imposed a four-hour time limit at the car park opposite Sealanes in response to a flood of complaints from residents and beach users that there was nowhere left for them to park.


But that had limited success and the complaints continued, so the council will now extend restrictions to 80 bays at the South Beach car park and impose a $3.50 fee for all-day parkers along the eastern side of Marine Terrace and the western side of Mews Road. Ticketing machines won’t be installed, so parkers will have to use the city’s new pay-by-phone parking app.

Short-term parkers will not have to pay.

“This might seem obvious, but the main reason the city provides parking at the beach is so people can use the beach,” Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt said. “The CAT bus runs from South Beach right along Marine Terrace and into town, and over time we’ve seen more and more people using the unrestricted parking there as a park and ride.

“That includes both Notre Dame students and also commuters who park, catch the CAT bus to the railway station and then the train into Perth or elsewhere.”

The council says it will keep an eye on how things are going, and may extend the limits across more parking bays at South Beach if things don’t improve.

Notre Dame student association president Dylan Gojak has told the Herald students need a “wallet-friendly, all-day option” otherwise they’ll face financial stress.

“It’s a shame because the uni generates so much business for the Fremantle area as well,” Mr Gojak said, noting students already spend about $1300 a year on parking in the city.

He said Notre Dame students paid more for parking than any other tertiary institution.

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