Freo’s visionary Christmas gifts

THE rellies might have to expect something a little more modest under the Christmas tree this year as Freo folk have channeled their yuletide spirit into helping kids in Africa.

Instead of cheap plastic toys, locals have been giving a much greater gift – eyesight – by donating $187,000 to the Fred Hollows Foundation’s appeal.

The money will go towards helping thousands of children like two-year-old Shanice in rural Kenya, born with cataracts in both eyes.

Her parents, Milly and William, instinctively knew something was wrong when their baby daughter couldn’t recognise them, yet a local doctor believed the problem would cure itself.


After nine months, earning less than $3 a day and unable to afford to fix Shanice’s avoidable blindness, a Hollows Foundation surgeon intervened, saving her sight and giving her a chance at a bright future.

Founding Director Gabi Hollows AO said that “without the support of people from Fremantle, The Foundation couldn’t have helped so many people like Shanice this year”.

You’ve probably seen Hollows Foundation ads throughout the Herald as part of our sponsorship, so next time you see one, why not tap your credit card again and send them a donation via

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