Letters 19.1.19

Bun farce
JUST two weeks of Xmas has passed, and already easter eggs and hot cross buns are available.
So much for respect to religion – the trade practices commission should put a stop to it immediately.
Frank Cherry
Elderberry Drive,
South Lake

Dirty Ovens
IT’S a great shame that the WA Maritime Museum’s most popular exhibit, the submarine HMAS Ovens, on the slipway, continues to be neglected.
Visitors can see the filthy state of the hull, stained with bird droppings and rust. Many of the volunteer tour guides are regularly compelled to apologise for the sad state of the boat, and many of her former crew are also dismayed at her neglect.
The museum will of course come up with the usual ‘funding priorities’ rhetoric and that committees are ‘reviewing the boat’s management’, but action is what is needed and needed now.
Words are cheap and it’s time there was an allocation of funds for the restoration of the hull, casing and conning tower.
Roy Stall
Rochdale Rd, Mt Claremont

Falls fallout
PEOPLE can call me a killjoy or a wowser, but the terrible, constant thump, thump, and the over-the-top volume (how can anyone call it music) from the Falls Festival held at the oval recently shouldn’t be allowed.
It literally shook the ground and vibrated our units the whole weekend. How can anyone sleep, especially babies and young kids? Music???
I love music, but that was just an ‘unholy din’.
Do we have to put up with this noise at concerts?
B Strudwick

Parking prison
I HOPE Fremantle Council follow the likes of City of Perth with free parking for shopping. On Saturday I paid $8.60 for just under four hours at the Fremantle prison car park. The free hour does not apply to weekends.
I might not go to Fremantle again for a quick look through the markets and a movie.
Mary Neale
Marr Street, Myaree

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